Meet the Team

Karyn Hinder

Founder - Working Spirit

My name is Karyn Hinder and I am a military veteran with service in the Australian Army and the Royal Australian Air Force. This year I have served 25 years with 12 of those also in the Australian Army. I commenced my career as a Soldier in the Australian Army. I have had the pleasure of working with exceptional male and female leaders, whilst also experiencing extreme situations.

Our Fantastic

Adrienne Goldfinch

Employment Mentoring

Adrienne is a proud jack-of-all-trades with experience in everything from copywriting and project management, to employment mentoring. A passionate advocate for equal opportunity, she currently manages a company that assists people with disability to live life with more choice and control. From the moment her brother was medically discharged from his service with the army, Adrienne has been committed to learning about how such a transition impacts all involved, but most importantly, the opportunities and growth that can stem from such change. After she completes her Bachelor of Sociology, Adrienne plans to undertake a Master of Social Work and apply her knowledge to supporting veterans and their families.

Sandra Seman-Bourke

ABC Perth, Journalist

Sandra Seman-Bourke is a highly experienced and respected journalist, broadcaster and university lecturer. She is passionate about volunteering with Working Spirit. With Sandra’s extensive background in media and communications, she has been instrumental in assisting our veterans with resume assistance, job preparation and interview skills.

Helen Burgess

Web Site Maintainer

Helen is a Front of the Front End Developer, Mentor and teacher who is an accomplished veteran of the Royal Australian Air Force and the web. She has been involved in technology and Web Development for over 30 years and cares deeply about sharing her experience through mentoring and teaching. Helen is passionate about service members having a better transition than her own in 2000, which was not the best and on par with anyone who left the services then. Her help maintaining this web site is how she has determined to do that.

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