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Veteran Success Story

"Discharge theirs no scarier word in Defence. It brings up a range of topics how will I earn an income? will my job be secure? how will I get a salary as good as I'm on now?"

~ Employed October 2018

Enter Working Spirit, I attended their second summit. I walked out of the summit feeling more empowered and qualified than I have ever been . I was taught how to run my LinkedIn successfully, how to write a resume and learnt to mingle with some of the biggest recruiters and companies in Perth. 

I am now employed with MacMahon on a pathway to success. I have done it transitioned from a situation that I had felt I was trapped in for the best part of decade. With Karyn’s and Working Spirits help it is proof that we as Veterans are more valuable than we give ourselves credit for. 

Come to a Summit check out what Working Spirit has to offer. It will give a new outlook, life skills and maybe even new career. I did and look where I am now. The grass really can be greener on the other side.


Started with a leading mining MacMahon in October 2018

Karyn Hinder Working Spirit Founder
Karyn Hinder
Working Spirit Founder

Karyn Hinder - Founder

Thank you Johnathan for your service.

I hope this has helped someone out there, go forward and be proud! Working Spirit are highlighting veterans success stories. If you are a business interested in employing a veteran please email

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