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Your journey as an ADF professional has shaped you into a dedicated, disciplined individual for roles at McMahon.


At Macmahon, we recognise and value the unique skills and qualities you bring to the table.

Here's why joining Macmahon after your military service is the next logical step:
Shared Values:
Macmahon's core values align closely with the principles instilled in military service – integrity, teamwork, and a commitment to excellence. You'll feel right at home in our culture.

Safety Expertise:
Your military background means you understand the critical importance of safety protocols. Macmahon shares this commitment, ensuring a safe working environment for all our employees.

Leadership Skills:
Your experience in leadership roles within the defence forces equips you with the ability to lead and inspire teams. Macmahon offers opportunities for you to further develop and apply these skills.

Problem-Solving Prowess:
The challenges you faced in the military have honed your problem-solving abilities. At Macmahon, you'll tackle complex issues in the mining and construction industries head-on.

Global Opportunities:
Macmahon operates internationally, providing you the chance to work on projects worldwide. Your global perspective is an asset in our diverse, cross-cultural environment.

Continued Growth:
We believe in lifelong learning and development. Macmahon offers training and career progression opportunities to help you continue your personal and professional growth.

Supportive Community:
Join a community that understands the transition from defence to civilian life. Macmahon is committed to supporting veterans in their career transitions.

Your military service has prepared you for remarkable achievements, and Macmahon is the ideal place to apply your skills, values, and experiences to new challenges. Join us, and together, we'll build a future of excellence in the mining and construction industries. Your journey continues at Macmahon.

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