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WA lead the first of its kind in Australia! 


The Transition Employment Portal (TEP), online platform, connects veterans and transitioning service members with employers who are committed to hiring and supporting them. This platform is available Australia wide for companies to capture the talent by hiring a veteran.


There are several reasons why a company should consider signing up for the TEP:


1. Access to a talented pool of candidates: Veterans spouses bring a wide range of skills and experiences to the workforce, including leadership, teamwork, adaptability, and problem-solving. By signing up for the TEP, companies can gain access to a diverse pool of talented candidates who can bring these skills to their organization.


2. Support for veteran employment: By signing up for the TEP, companies can demonstrate their commitment to supporting veterans and their families. This can help to improve their brand reputation and build positive relationships with the veteran community.


3. Easy recruitment process: The TEP provides a simple and streamlined recruitment process for employers, making it easy to connect directly with a veteran from viewing their profile. 


4. Cost-effective: The TEP is a cost-effective way for companies to connect with talented candidates. There are no fees or charges to sign up for the platform, and we have a donation model to hire a veteran


5. Compliance with government regulations: The TEP is compliant with government regulations related to veteran hiring and employment, including the Prime Minister's Veteran Employment Commitment. By signing up for the platform, companies can ensure that they are meeting and demonstrating their commitment to veteran employment.


In summary, the Transition Employment Portal provides companies with access to a talented pool of candidates, demonstrates their commitment to supporting veterans, provides an easy recruitment process, is cost-effective, and ensures compliance with government regulations. All these factors make TEP a valuable resource for companies looking to attract and retain talented veterans.

Package Options To Support A Veteran Into Employment

At Working Spirit we would like to shed light on the incredible value and benefits that come with hiring veterans, and to introduce you to our Gold, Silver, and Bronze packages designed to streamline the process of recruiting and onboarding these exceptional individuals.

Veterans possess a unique skill set and a wealth of experience that make them an invaluable assets to any organisation. They bring with them a strong work ethic, discipline, adaptability, leadership qualities, and a proven ability to perform under pressure. By employing veterans, you gain a dedicated and reliable workforce that has been trained to work efficiently within a team and achieve exceptional results.

We understand the significance of connecting talented veterans with forward-thinking companies like yours. Our Gold, Silver, and Bronze packages have been meticulously crafted to help you tap into this exceptional talent pool and ensure a seamless integration process.


  1. Gold Package: Our Gold Package is the ultimate solution for companies seeking to maximize their hiring efforts and establish a long-lasting partnership with the veteran community. With the Gold Package, you will receive:

    • Access to our extensive database of highly skilled and qualified veterans, curated specifically to meet your company's unique needs.

    • Dedicated account management, providing personalised support and guidance throughout the hiring process.

    • Assistance with developing customised veteran recruiting strategies and branding initiatives to attract the best candidates.

    • Exclusive invitations to veteran job fairs, networking events, and conferences, allowing you to directly engage with veterans and showcase your company's commitment to supporting their transition into civilian careers. Gold Package sponsorship includes all company’s logo’s on our branding and printed material for events and also on our website.

  2. Silver Package: The Silver Package is designed to offer comprehensive resources and support to organizations committed to fostering a diverse and inclusive workforce by hiring veterans. With the Silver Package, you will receive:

    • Access to a curated selection of qualified veteran candidates tailored to your industry and job requirements.

    • Consultation sessions with our team of experts to help you optimise your recruitment processes and develop effective veteran outreach strategies.

    • Assistance with crafting impactful job descriptions and translating military skills and experiences into relevant civilian qualifications.

    • Promotion of your company as a veteran-friendly employer through our various communication channels and social media platforms.

  3. Bronze Package: Our Bronze Package is an excellent starting point for companies interested in exploring the benefits of hiring veterans while receiving essential support. With the Bronze Package, you will receive:

    • Access to our basic database of talented veterans looking for employment opportunities.

    • Guidance and best practices for conducting veteran-friendly interviews and evaluating military experience.

    • Basic support in translating military skills and experiences into relevant civilian qualifications.

    • Inclusion in our veteran-friendly employer directory, showcasing your commitment to supporting veterans.

By subscribing to one of our packages, you are not only gaining access to an exceptional talent pool but also demonstrating your company's dedication to corporate social responsibility and creating a positive impact on society. Hiring veterans can contribute to a more cohesive work environment, enhance your company's reputation, and drive overall success.


I would be delighted to discuss these packages in further detail and answer any questions you may have. Please feel free to contact Working Spirit on 1300 219 443 or email


Let us help you unlock the untapped potential and skills that veterans bring to the table, while together we build a more inclusive and prosperous future.

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